Precautions for atm mechine


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Precautions for atm mechine:
1. Operate strictly according to the instructions on the ATM computer screen. Do not trust the so-called "notices" or "notices" posted next to the ATM, and do not follow the requirements of the notices or notices. If necessary, you can call the bank service hotline or ask the police for help.
2. Keep the bank card password in a safe place. Under no circumstances should you disclose your password to others, even if the other party claims to be a bank employee; it is best to cover it with your hand or body when entering the password to prevent the password from being stolen.
3. Beware of "helpful people" and don't trust strangers easily. Criminals often pretend to be "well-wishers" and help cardholders operate ATMs, while peeping at passwords or pressing the keyboard indiscriminately, creating the illusion of ATM swallowing cards, waiting for opportunities to steal passwords or bank cards, and usually try to choose ATMs located in more conspicuous locations. . When withdrawing money, first check whether there is any abnormality in the card slot and cash outlet; when entering the password, it should be covered to prevent others from peeping; after the withdrawal, the corresponding bills should be properly stored.
4. To find out why the ATM swallowed cards, don't leave in a hurry. Generally speaking, ATMs normally swallow cards because: the credit card has exceeded the expiration date or the account has been frozen; the cardholder fails to retrieve the card within 30 seconds after completing the operation on the ATM; the password is incorrect for more than three times (including three); Or machine failure may also cause card swallowing. ATM normally swallows the card, the machine will spit out the swallowing receipt, and the screen will also show the swallowing card. The cardholder can take the receipt to the management bank to collect the card.