How to operate atm mechine


How to operate atm mechine
1. Insert the magnetic strip of the bank card downward and the side with the magnetic strip to the right into the ATM machine.
2. If there are some prompt texts on the screen, you need to click "Confirm". The "Confirm" button is at the 4 or 8 button.
3. Enter the card password, some of them can directly enter the withdrawal screen, and some of them need to press the 4 key or the 8 key to confirm.
4. On the screen, you can see "Inquiry", "Withdraw", "Transfer", "Return Card", etc., select the corresponding button. It is the 8 buttons. Don't worry, after you see them clearly, press the corresponding button next to the option.
5. After pressing "Withdraw", enter the withdrawal amount. If there is a convenient prompt on the screen, such as: 1,000 yuan, 800 yuan, 500 yuan, etc., you can directly press the corresponding button. If not, find the "Other Amount" button, and then freely enter the amount you want to withdraw, and press the "Confirm" button after entering the amount.
6. At this time, staring at the "discharge port", 2 to 5 seconds after the banknote is dispensed, if no one takes the banknotes, the ATM will swallow the banknotes. When withdrawing the banknotes, you must count the suspicious banknotes and align the banknote serial numbers. The ATM camera stays for a few more seconds, and then slowly moves back and forth. This allows the camera to record to an optimal distance, and then take the banknotes to the bank for identification. If it is a counterfeit currency, you should immediately complain to the bank and keep the serial number printed at the time of withdrawal.
7. You can withdraw money again after withdrawing money, and you can also check it.
8. If you don't want to continue the operation, click "Return Card" as prompted on the screen to exit the bank card.
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