How much do you know about the structure of ATM?


ATM is the abbreviation of Automatic Teller Machine, which means automatic teller machine. ATM is divided into upper and lower structure, the upper is the operation, you are operating the card withdrawal, the bank staff can also operate the cash addition and the like.

Below is the cash box, a very thick mechanical locker. A bank employee takes the key and a safekeeping password. It can be opened by two people. After opening, there are four small cash boxes inside, the first waste cash box, all the banknotes were swallowed without the money. All the money that the system judges to be abnormal is in the first reject box, the second to the fourth normal cash box, one can hold 200,000, and the total can hold about 600,000.

Every operation you make, even if you just check the balance, will be recorded in the system and can be queried through the bank computer. So your swallowed banknotes will be recorded, and the cleared out will be directly uploaded to the card, and your swallowed card will be the same. , I only got it when I cleared it out.

The ATM machine is divided into the upper layer and the upper layer. It mainly has a card reader, a display screen, two cameras, one in the front, a cash outlet, and a safe on the lower layer. There is a computer host, an ATM machine core, and a cash box in the machine. In my heart, each cash box also contains a key.